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View the PDF document Title: Cracked earth; the story of WEC in Thailand from the perspective of Rosemary Charters
Author: Wolf, Claralice Hanna
Description: The story of Rosemary Charters life as missionary in Thailand and her personal record of the history of W.E.C.'s ministry and growth in Thailand
Subject: Missionaries; Mission Organizations; Biography
Year Published: 1989
Pages: 176 Filesize:

View the PDF document Title: No Turning Back: The Beginnings of WEC in Thailand
Author: Ashcraft, Nancy
Description: An account of the beginnings of the WEC mission work in the Central/North parts of Thailand, and the stories of those missionaries who took part.
Subject: Church History | 1950s ; Mission Organizations
Year Published: 2003
Pages: 92 Filesize:

View the PDF document Title: Siam and Laos as seen by American missionaries
Author: Presbyterian board of publication
Description: Book with illustrations containing contributions of American missionaries about life, culture and mission in Siam and Laos.
Subject: Mission Organizations; Missionaries; Church History | 1800-1900
Year Published: 1884
Pages: 554 Filesize: