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View the PDF document Title: Beyond anti-syncretism: Gospel, context and authority in the New Testament and in Thai conversions to Christianity
Author: Zehner, Edwin
Description: Chapter from the book "Power and identity in the Global Church" using material from the study of Thai Christians and Thai Bhuddist conversions to Christianity in light of the apostle Paul's missiological and theological struggles in his own context, to suggest some of the difficulties in distinguishing between contextualization and syncretism and to argue that missionaries need to avoid being overly directive in the attempt to shape the contextualization of local churches.
Subject: Contextualization
Year Published: 2008
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View the PDF document Title: Poles Apart
Author: Davis, John
Description: The writer seeks to investigate the reasons for the conspicuous lack of response by Thai Buddhist to the Gospel. He attempts to analyse some of the problems, and then suggests some radical solutions
Subject: Contextualization
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