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View the PDF document Title: Ethnic Groups in Thailand
Author: Visser, Marten
Description: Statistics and brief description of the various ethnic groups in Thailand. (This article is paragraph 2.3. in: Marten Visser, Conversion Growth of Protestant Churches in Thailand, 2008.)
Subject: Statistics & Maps; Tribal
Year Published: 2008
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View the PDF document Title: Protestant Christians in Thailand 2009
Author: Visser, Marten
Description: This booklet gives a overview of the state of the Protestant Church in Thailand in the year 2009. This booklet is based upon research done by Marten Visser's for his Ph.D Thesis "Conversion Growth of Protestant Churches".
Subject: Statistics & Maps; Evangelism
Year Published: 2009
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View the PDF document Title: Remaking the Sapha: Demographic Change and the Church of Christ in Thailand 1982-2001
Author: Swanson, Herb
Description: Paper about the numercial growth of membership in Christ Church Thailand between 1982 and 2001 and about the denominational shifts within CCT.
Subject: Evangelism; Statistics & Maps
Year Published: 2002
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