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View the PDF document Title: Animism, Syncretism, and Christianity in Thailand
Author: Dahlfred, Karl
Description: To gain a better understanding of the forces at work in shaping Christianity in the global South, the following study will look at the nature of animism and syncretism in general, and then focus in upon Christianity in Thailand as a case study of the effect of animism upon Christian belief and practice in the global South. 8 We will then look at examples of efforts being made by both missionaries and Thai Christians to move beyond syncretism. Our study will conclude with some recommendations for further work.
Subject: Syncretism; Contextualization
Year Published: 2011
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View the PDF document Title: Christian Tom Boon in Thailand: Problems in the Modern Day Thai Church
Author: Klein, Cory
Description: This paper describes the Thai religious practice of Tom Boon and how it is connected to a form of Christian merit that has been imported by Western Christianity. A Biblical argument is then made against this form of Christianity along with a suggested solution.
Subject: Syncretism; Discipleship
Year Published: 2013
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