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View the PDF document Title: From Pioneer Mission to Autonomous Church
Author: Björkgren-Thylin, Marika
Description: This research examine how the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand came into being. It explores the development from the starting of the Lutheran pioneer mission in 1976 to the founding of an autonomous Lutheran church in 1994. It also examines the Lutheran mission enterprise in Thailand in relation to contemporary international mission thinking and to local perspectives such as contextualisation and the adaptation of the mission work to Thai society.
Subject: Church History | 1980s; Church History | 1990s; Church History | 1970s
Year Published: 2009
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View the PDF document Title: The history and growth of the CCT in Thailand: An evangelistic perspective
Author: Koydul, Virat
Description: Part of thesis about the growth and development in the Church of Christ in Thailand between 1978-1989
Subject: Evangelism; Church History | 1970s; Church History | 1980s; Church Planting
Year Published: 1990
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