View the PDF document Title: A Modern Apostle of Siam: A Sketch of the Life and Work of the Rev. Eugene P. Dunlap, D.D.
Author: Brown, Arthur J.
Description: While missionaries in Bangkok at the end of 19th century were lamenting how hard it was to reach people, Eugene Dunlap was out there doing it. In his schooner, “The Kalamazoo,” Dunlap sailed up and down the Thai coast, stopping at islands, and sailing up rivers sharing the Gospel. In this brief biographical sketch, Presbyterian Foreign Mission Board Secretary Arthur J. Brown draws upon Dunlap's journals and first-hand experience to give the reader an insightful and inspiring portrait of the life and ministry of this little known missionary pioneer.
Subject: Church History | 1800-1900; Biography; Church History | 1900-1950
Type: Article
Year Published: 1918
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