View the PDF document Title: "What Modernism Has Done to Presbyterian Missions in Siam" & "Modernism Takes Its Toll of Mission Work"
Author: McIntire, Carl
Description: This document contains two articles. The first, "What Modernism Has Done to Presbyterian Missions in Siam," is by American fundamentalist Carl McIntire and details his perspective on how liberal Christianity, particularly in the American Presbyterian Church has negatively affected missionary work in Siam. The second article, "Modernism Takes Its Toll of the Mission Work," is by Boon Mark Gittisarn, who left the Church of Christ in Thailand (associated with the American Presbyterians) because of the CCT's membership in the World Council of Churches, whose liberal, ecumenical views were not appreciated by Gittisarn.
Subject: Church History | 1900-1950
Type: Article
Year Published: 1950
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