View the PDF document Title: Additional Churches Needed Per Province
Author: Martin, Dwight
Description: "The purple line in the middle shows the national average for Percentage Christian which is 0.60 percent. Provinces listed above the purple line have a Percentage Christian that is greater than the national average. Provinces listed below the line have a Percentage Christian less than the national average. If your goal is to plant churches in provinces where there is the greatest need for churches you would plant churches in the provinces listed towards the right edge of the graph. The province of Bangkok has the greatest need for churches by a large margin. The next five provinces after Bangkok are: Nakhon Ratchasima Ubon Ratchathani Khon Kaen Buri Ram Udon Thani If your calling is to evangelize and make disciples in locations where there are very few Christians than you would consider serving in the provinces listed towards the bottom of the graph. The six provinces with the fewest Christians as a percentage of the population are: Narathiwat Pattani Samut Songkhram Nakhon Nayok Lop Buri Yala Finally, you may want to consider working in a province where there is a great need for churches as well as having few Christians. In this case you would look for a province located in the right bottom corner of the graph. Provinces to consider would be Surin Si Sa Ket Nakhon Si Thammarat Ubon Ratchathani Nakhon Ratchasima Please pray that God would send laborers to these needed areas."
Subject: Statistics & Maps; Church Planting
Type: Chart / Graph
Year Published: 2013
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View the PDF document Title: Christian Tom Boon in Thailand: Problems in the Modern Day Thai Church
Author: Klein, Cory
Description: This paper describes the Thai religious practice of Tom Boon and how it is connected to a form of Christian merit that has been imported by Western Christianity. A Biblical argument is then made against this form of Christianity along with a suggested solution.
Subject: Syncretism; Discipleship
Type: Research Paper
Year Published: 2013
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