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View the PDF document Title: A PROLEGOMENA FOR THE THAI CONTEXT: A Starting Point for Thai Theology (Thesis)
Author: Taylor, Steve
Description: The heart of the research is an extensive study of the Thai context in particular the Thai thought structure, philosophy, epistemology and system of belief. Data was drawn from materials already available and six interviews with prominent Thai thinkers. A method of approaching theology in the Thai context is proposed.
Subject: Contextualization; Leadership; Discipleship
Year Published: 2003
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Author: Komdhet, Jitrwadee
Description: BA Thesis written by a former Buddhist on how to effectively disciple Thai Christians. First by understanding the misconceptions Thai Christians have about salvation, sin and God Himself. Next how Thai Christians perceive Christianity as being more 'to teach how to live' than 'forgiveness of sin.' Finally to continually apply these insights on every occasion when teaching Thais about God.
Subject: Contextualization; Discipleship
Year Published: 2012
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View the PDF document Title: String-Tying Ritual as Christian Communication in Northeast Thailand
Author: DeNeui, Paul
Description: The purpose of this research is to present missiological insights from a study of the deep level meaning and communication effects of STR as practiced by Isaan followers of Jesus in northeast Thailand. These insights are derived from a descriptive analysis of Isaan worldview themes viewed from the historic perspective, the biblical and theological perspectives, and observation, interview, and survey data.
Subject: Contextualization; Culture; Isaan
Year Published: 2005
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View the PDF document Title: Thai Protestant Christianity: A Study of Cultural and Theological Interactions between Western Missionaries (the American Presbyterian Mission and the Overseas Missionary Fellowship) and Indigenous Thai Churches (the Church of Christ in Thailand and the Associated Churches of Thailand-Central)
Author: McLean, Patricia
Description: This thesis investigates and compares the different ways in which missionaries and indigenous Christians have related Christianity to Thai Buddhist culture within the matrix of Thai Buddhism. The thesis also compares these approaches with the evolving patterns of engagement with Thai Buddhism and Thai Buddhist culture among Thai Christians of CCT and ACTC.
Subject: Mission Organizations; Contextualization
Year Published: 2002
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View the PDF document Title: The Development of a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Contexualization in Northeast Thailand
Author: DeNeui, Paul
Description: This thesis describes the development of a multi-dimensional approach to contextualization in Northeast Thailand by the Evangelical Covenant Church Thailand Mission.
Subject: Contextualization; Isaan
Year Published: 2002
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View the PDF document Title: The Receptive Ear Communicating; Biblical Truths in Thai World Views
Author: Williams, Iso
Description: This thesis is an approach to contextualization of the gospel in a Thai context through story telling. Some sample stories have been included (in Thai)
Subject: Contextualization
Year Published: 1995
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View the PDF document Title: World Lover, World Leaver The Book Of Ecclesiastes and Thai Buddhism
Author: Lorgunpai, Seree
Description: This thesis compares the teaching of Ecclesiastes with the teachings of Therevada Buddhism and is aimed to help Thai Christians find some common ground for dialogue with Thai Buddhists and to open up the much-neglected area of Jewish-Buddhist dialogue.
Subject: Bible; Contextualization
Year Published: 1995
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