View the PDF document Title: Problems and opportunities for church growth in Bangkok
Author: Visser, Marten
Description: This thesis is an analysis of obstacles and opportunities for church growth in Bangkok, Thailand.
Subject: Evangelism
Type: Thesis
Year Published: 1992
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View the PDF document Title: A Study on Church Planting Strategy of Korean Missions in Thailand
Author: Chung, Chana Seung Hoi
Description: Relatively few Korean missionaries have been sent to Thailand and this is due to the fact that they lack a clear strategy and vision. They have sought to impliment the Nevius method in their church planting but have failed due to a misapplication of the principles in the Thai context. This Doctor of Ministry dissertation suggests a modified version of the Nevius method for use in Thailand
Subject: Church Planting
Type: Research Paper
Year Published: 1992
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